We offer affordable individual or team building options in and around the Cape, from Orange River Rafting to Vintage Mini Cooper Tours. We are the professional custom events company in and around Cape Town, Somerset West, Gordon's Bay, Stellenbosch, Hermanus, Langebaan and South Africa.
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What we do

Specializing in adventures and team-building; Nobody Famous thrive on designing a wide range of custom events and activities that will catapult your team past mediocrity and into greatness.

The only way to really achieve the goal in business everyone is aiming for called success is only achievable through the daily investment of one-self’s passion for that business and its total environment.


At Nobody Famous we are blessed to have a HUGE passion to make peoples unique event dreams a reality and through creative and adventurous ways. Famously our passion is our day job and our day job is our passion…


Let the adventure begins…


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Super Guide

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