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Our team building programs help optimize the productivity, effectiveness and happiness of your team. No team is the same as any another! As in any industry, there are frustrations in team building. One of the biggest is the common misconceptions associated with team building – Often we hear of organizations trying to solve critical issues by taking the team on a “corporate team build” – tenpin bowling!!

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Diversity is essential in company team activities to keep the delegates on their toes as well as to keep them stimulated by original ideas. You can arrange a free events agenda through one of our professional and experienced event coordinators which will be extremely varied in its design, include any technical conferencing sessions required, and yet be jam packed with the most awesome ideas for all corporate teambuilding exercises.

We encourage that the delegates scenario be changed at least every 90 minutes, in order to avoid brain freeze, boredom, or counterproductive initiatives. For this reason, the events have to be carefully selected and placed to ensure relevance to any corporate technical discussions which are taking place. Invariably the wide range of possible sessions will be a good mixture of exciting, indoor classroom exercises, light physical outdoor activities, practical and mental exercises and experiential or interactive processes. All interactive activities, can be fully debriefed in order to anchor the lessons learned and get input from the delegates.

  • Facilitators & Full Event Planning / Logistics
  • Event Day Hosting & Planning
  • Snack Pack Each
  • Meeting Prior To Event & Follow Up Meeting After Event Completion
  • Different, Fun and Exciting Tasks & Activities
  • Prizes (Something small, but it will be the idea that counts. You can also liaise with our support crew if you prefer to arrange your own prizes for the event?)
  • Additional beverages or catering (We can also offer both at an additional cost)
  • Venue Hire and Breakage Deposits
  • Transport for your group to and from the venue (We can also assist with transport before and after the event at an additional cost)

Active participation by all is encouraged in our corporate team building exercises and there are numerous and diverse benefits and outcomes from every program or game. Our outcomes team building programs and corporate activities provide meaningful personal and team growth through fun and challenging learning exercises for office team building.

Please be advised that the price is flexible and depends on group size, gifts and prizes needed but full package is approximately the price stated.

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