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There’s nothing quite like “the lens” to bring out peoples’ expressive side and there’s nothing quite like the NOBODY FAMOUS MOVIE MAKING CHALLENGE to bring your team together and get them truly working as a team…for their 3-5 minutes of fame! In this movie making adventure, participants are divided into groups representing competing film production companies.


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Who will be the actors? Who is going to direct? And what about a “camera” operator, props and costumes designer, editor (with our handy Go-Pro’s, sound equipment, etc.!), even an in-house marketing group? Clearly, serious teamwork will be essential for success in this anything-but-serious event. The excitement is contagious as each team screens their master-piece for the rest of the group. It’s fun. It’s funny. Plus, you can literally stand back and watch people loosen up, genuine smiles bubbling to the surface. Awards can be arranged and given with due ceremony for the various categories, often recognizing and celebrating some hidden talents. Talk about bragging rights! Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Facilitators & Full Event Planning / Logistics
  • Event Equipment & Public Liability
  • Snack Pack Each
  • Prizes (Something small, but it will be the idea that counts. You can also liaise with our support crew if you prefer to arrange your own prizes for the event?)
  • Additional beverages or catering (We can also offer both at an additional cost)
  • Venue Hire and Breakage Deposits
  • Transport for your group to and from the venue (We can also assist with transport before and after the event at an additional cost)

All about the “vision”. All corporations have a vision. Brings together a team of people who make that vision happen, who make the vision a reality. Individuals play an important role within the team to bring that vision to life. The individual learns how to function and cooperate within a team environment. Builds trust in your fellow teammates. Boosts the self-esteem of the individual and teaches them how to relate and communicate within a team. It’s about synergy: the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. A crew that understands this, can push ahead to achieving the same goal. We find that making movies parallel the aims of most businesses: to have a vision and get employees in behind that vision.

Please be advised that the price is flexible and depends on group size, gifts and prizes needed but full package is approximately the price stated.

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8 < 200+ People


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