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MARIMBA JAM is a vibrant, female-driven company that both performs…

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MARIMBA JAM is a vibrant, female-driven company that both performs and teaches Marimbas in Cape Town.

We are available for all sorts of events such as weddings, staff functions, birthday parties, general performances and light entertainment. Our well trained teachers are currently based in the Southern Suburbs where they teach at various schools on a weekly basis. We also offer private lessons and workshops for all ages.

MARIMBA JAM originally sprung from an initiative created to share the joy of playing marimbas with learners who had not had the opportunity to do so.
This initiative aimed to give learners a means of expression through rhythm and music and aimed to promote cultural and social harmony.

Now, MARIMBA JAM is a company that strives to continue to enrich students with the energy and enjoyment of Marimba music- and we are continually expanding on our Outreach Programs.

Currently teaching over 300 school students on a weekly basis in Cape Town as well as having a professional MARIMBA JAM BAND, MARIMBA JAM has become a thriving and dynamic organisation!

Please be advised that the price is flexible and depends on group size, gifts and prizes needed but full package is approximately the price stated.

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