I’ve ridden a bike before. Not for a few years now honestly, but when I was younger it was a big part of my 6-year-old self’s life. I think that’s true for most kids nowadays still. Learning how to ride a bike is almost like a right of passage. But some kids don’t have the means or access to a bike though and this dream goes unfulfilled for them. Which is why the Build-A-Bike that Nobody Famous facilitates is so important. Nobody Famous works with a charity that will at the end receive these bikes the companies build to donate to children. They told me that this was one of Nobody Famous most popular team building options and I believed it. Most companies want their time and work to mean something and what better way than to achieve that by donating your hard work to charity?


Even with that in mind though, I thought that the participants would be lukewarm excitement at best. I mean who wants to spend their time building a bike? Really, I thought it would be a vibe of “let’s get this done, so I can leave” type of event – I was wrong. Sure, not everyone was super excited at first, but once they heard that the bikes would actually be donated to kids, there was a certain kind of excitement in the air. The kind you get when you know something good is going to happen and you can’t wait. It was definitely not lukewarm.

Everyone was incredibly involved and energetic. It helped that the lead facilitator, Darryn Bennett, was a pro at hyping people up. They got the excitement and energy needed to really put their all into building the bikes, finishing the trivia questions, playing interactive team games and perhaps more importantly decorating the bike and writing a card for the lucky kid that gets that new bike.


Each person had a part in their team and all the teams helped each other out too. While this team building option is competitive, it had a huge collaborative aspect with the end goal of building these bikes for children.


If you would like to become part of the fast growing Build-A-Bike donates please contact Nobody Famous now at +27 74 350 1670 or email them at

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