Nobody Famous // Custom Event Management & Team Building
We offer affordable individual or team building options in and around the Cape, from Orange River Rafting to Vintage Mini Cooper Tours. We are the professional custom events company in and around Cape Town, Somerset West, Gordon's Bay, Stellenbosch, Hermanus, Langebaan and South Africa.
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These programs serve multiple purposes. They are great for teambuilding, but also have that feel-good factor of helping others in need. Best of all, a deserving charity benefits because of your organization.


These teambuilding programs are typically offered for a 2-3 hour period in the afternoon. With events that can be done in ballrooms, outdoors or a mix of the two, you’re sure to find one perfect for your group.


Nobody Famous is a all-in-one party service provider, meaning that we can cater for your entire event, from the party setup, venue selection, catering, party hire equipment and more. We are the Specialists!!


In addition to the event categories listed in our website, we pride ourselves in customising events that are unique to our clients. We mindfully organise, prepare and execute every step of the unforgettable event process.

About Us

Why Choose Us

All activities and offerings are flexible and Nobody Famous takes pride in offering client’s tailor-made packages to suit anyone’s needs and budget. Needless to say, if looking to get the staff together in a way that won’t make them yawn; or to have that perfect and stress-less birthday party;  Nobody Famous is the winning way forward.


Nobody Famous is a company you can trust to plan, design and execute an event that will produce an unforgettable event experience. We mindfully organize, prepare and execute every STEP. We will keep you informed, include you in decisions, and most importantly, take the burden of planning the event off your plate.


Let the adventure begins…

We Create. You Celebrate. We Plan. You Party

What We Offer

Our Services

Nobody Famous offers the complete spectrum of event planning services, ranging from a simple yet elegant event to an edgy and magical experience. Nobody Famous will help you define and cultivate your vision every step of the way. Your event, your vision! In addition to the menu of services listed, we offer custom planning packages specific to your event type, guest list, budget, venue, and timeline. To request a proposal for your upcoming event, take the next step and please visit our contact us page to schedule your complimentary consultation.


‘These guys made us not only laugh more than ever, but brought our team much closer together. The venue Nobody Famous arranged was unique and creative.. Thanks’

Doug Sanders


‘There top event management skills and excellent team building hosting will always be remembered, thank Eben and your Nobody Famous team… you guys ROCK!!’

Su-Mare Kolders

Clients About Us


The best equipment; meticulously maintained and clean.

Relationships with the best hotels and venues for your events.

More than 20 years of experience in the events, hospitality and tourism industries.

Super event facilitators, guides and instructors, chosen for their personalities.

Famously Recommended

Current Event Specials


  • RR295period
    • Amazing Race
    • 2-3 Hours
    • 5+ Venues
    • 8-200+ Pax
    • Mobile App


  • RR375/mo
    • Charity Experience
    • Add-on Options
    • 1-3 Hours
    • Any Venue
    • Kiddies Bikes


  • RR245/mo
    • Themed Event
    • Any Venue
    • 8 to 50 Kids
    • 2 Fun Activities
    • Fun Snack Pack


  • RR395/mo
    • All Equipment
    • Fun Games
    • 8-200+ Pax
    • Indoor/Outdoor
    • Add-on Options

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